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iPhone App for the mnemonic
Major System

The Major System is an effective method for encoding numbers into images. Using this mnemonic technique, remembering a sequence of numbers is highly improved compared to simple memorization.

The iPhone App Mnemo offers an efficient way of learning the two-digit Major System.

The App features:

  • An intuitively designed learning program.
  • A freely customizable preinstalled Major System.
  • An elaborate collection of alternative Major System terms.
  • Separate Major Systems for each language.
  • A generator for encoding any sequence of numbers.
  • Various ways of training.
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The Mnemo Trainer

Major System: The learning program of the Mnemo App
always uses the current version of the individualized Major System for
the selected language. (at Present: English and German).

Learning modes: The mode of the Trainer can be switched
between “Recitation of the images mode” and “Recitation of the numbers
mode”. Using the optional “Play Out Mode”, selected terms of the Major
System can be practiced until response times are within a configurable
time limit.

Feedback: During the training, the program provides
continuous feedback on correctly or incorrectly answered questions. The
correct answers to questions can be retrieved on the fly whenever

Mnemo Majorsystem Trainer

Mnemo Trainer Statistics

Display of the training results

The learning program automatically acquires the reaction times for
answering the question correctly. This provides a quick overview of the
learning progress in the training results view. The results are
displayed color-coded according to three ranges of reaction times. The
training level can be shown separately for the corresponding training

Selecting the range of numbers

The learning program provides a free selection of the number range to be learned.

Additional Restrictions to

  • desired response time ranges
  • wrong answers
  • or not yet processed terms

can be set.

Thus, terms of the Major System, which were poorly memorized previously, can be chosen selectively.

The Major System

The Mnemo App allows free customization of the Major System.

The options are:

  • Direct input of an alternative Major System term.
  • Selection of a term from a predefined list.
  • Exchange of images (camera, photo album, search on Goggle images or Bing images).

Selecting Major System terms, which were hard to memorize, is
facilitated in the table view by an optional color-coding corresponding
to the three ranges of reaction times.

Mnemo Majorsystem

Mnemo Cards View

Cards View

The cards view can be used for initially learning the Major System.

Using the cards view, the major system can be scrolled through like using file cards.

Fast Scroll enables a quick change to the desired range of numbers.

The Generator

The generator converts numerical sequences to mnemonic images corresponding to the major system.

Notes can always be added to help to remember the sequence of items.

Any number can be converted and saved.

Download Mastersystem Trainer on the App Store
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