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Universal iOS 8+ App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

Standardised breastfeeding log, sleep log and more. Developed in collaboration with paediatricians.

Standardized 24 hours baby breastfeedinglog, sleeplog etc. with 14 days overview – as recommended by many midwives, paediatricians and sleep laboratories.

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Track important events

Baby Log 24h allowes to track the following events:

  • Breastfeeding (left, right, quality, time)
  • Bottle feeding (ml, time)
  • Solid food (quality, time)
  • Diaper changes (wet, dirty, mixed, time)
  • To bed, sleeping, crying (time, duration)

New events can be entered directly from the start view as well as the 14 days view and the daily events view. Events can be edited or deleted any time.

BabyLog24h Event View

BabyLog24h Babies View

Supports multiple babies

Use Baby Log 24 h with a unlimited number of babies. Simply add a new baby in the babies view and edit the new baby infos.

The baby photo is used in the start view. Additionally the age of the baby is displayed in month and days as well as in weeks.

Switch between babies for tracking easily in the babies view.

Daily events with summary report

The daily events list with statistical summary report gives an overview of all tracked events. The events are displayed chronologically by time.

The statistical summary report gives a quick overview of the total number of events , the duration ( e.g. with sleeping or crying ) , the total amount in ml for bottle-feeding events and the average quality with solid food feeding or breastfeeding. With breastfeeding events the left and righthand sides are displayed separately.

The daily lists can be printed directly to AirPrint printers , or saved and shared as PDF documents.

BabyLog24h Daily events with summary report

Overview of the main features

  • Developed in collaboration with pediatricians.
  • Enter events from the home screen, the 14 days protocol screen and the daily events screen.
  • Daily events with summary report.
  • Supports multiple babies.
  • Print 14 days protocols and daily events lists via AirPrint.
  • Share and export 14 days protocols and daily events lists as PDF.
  • Backup and restore with Dropbox.
  • Personalized home screen with baby photo and baby age in months and days as well as in weeks.
  • Landscape mode.

Baby Log 24h requires iOS 8.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

Download BabyLog24h App  on the App Store