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Mnemo Major System for Mac

Mac App for the mnemonic Major System

The Major System is an effective method for encoding numbers into images. Using this mnemonic technique, remembering a sequence of numbers is highly improved compared to simple memorization.(Synonyms: Major System, Master System, Digit Code according to Aimée Paris, Phonetic System, conversione fonetica etc.). 

Mnemo Major System allows you to create a personalised Major System for the mnemonics Major System.

With the help of the integrated training programme - the trainer - the Major System can be quickly learned and further optimised.

For this purpose, a traffic light system of reaction times to queried terms is used, which effectively exposes sub-optimally selected images and allows rapid optimisation in the development of one's own Major System.

A summary overview of the reaction times - here called statistics - additionally supports this process.

In addition to the master system, trainer and statistics, the generator was added as a further component, which enables the translation of arbitrarily long numerical sequences into the images of the major system.

The App features:

  • An intuitively designed learning program.
  • A freely customizable preinstalled Major System.
  • An elaborate collection of alternative Major System terms.
  • Separate Major Systems for each language (currently: English, German and Italian).
  • A generator for encoding any sequence of numbers.
  • Various ways of training.
  • Export / import of CSV or via the Mnemo file format including images.
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The Mnemo Major System Trainer

Major System: The learning program of Mnemo Major System for Mac (the Master System Trainer) always uses the current, individualized master system in the selected language (currently: English, German and Italian).

Learning modes: The mode of the Trainer can be switched
between “Recitation of the images mode” and “Recitation of the numbers 
mode”. Using the optional “Play Out Mode”, selected terms of the Major 
System can be practiced until response times are within a configurable 
time limit.

Feedback: During the training, the program provides 
continuous feedback on correctly or incorrectly answered questions. The 
correct answers to questions can be retrieved on the fly whenever 

Selection of the number range: The trainer allows free selection of the number range to be learnt. It is also possible to restrict it to desired reaction time ranges (traffic light system), incorrect answers or numbers that have not yet been practised. This allows you to specifically select major system terms that have been poorly memorised so far.

Mnemo Major System for MAC Start Trainer

Mnemo Route App Start Statistics

Display of the training status

The learning programme determines the time until the correct answer is selected for each major system term. This provides a quick overview of the learning progress in the training status display. The display is colour-coded according to three reaction time ranges (green, yellow, red) and the correct answer (blue).

The training status is displayed separately according to the query mode by image and the query mode by number.

Detailed information on the individual images can be displayed by hovering over individual bars in the bar charts.

    The Major System

    Mnemo Major System for MAC allows free customisation of the majter system used.

    The options are:

    • Direct input of an alternative Major System term.
    • Selection of the term from a list of suggestions.
    • Replacement of the images used by dragging and dropping from the photo album or the browser when searching for images on the Internet (alternatively via the URL).

    Selecting Major System terms, which were hard to memorize, is 
    facilitated in the table view by an optional color-coding corresponding 
    to the three ranges of reaction times.

    It is possible to switch quickly between the different views in the toolbar. Two different table views and a cards view are available.

    Export and import functions for archiving or backing up the master system are also available.

    Mnemo Major System for MAC Major System

    Mnemo Major System for MAC Generator

    The Generator

    The generator creates the corresponding major system coding from number sequences of any length.

    The generation takes place simultaneously with the number input.

    The numbers can be delimited by the + sign. The coding can therefore be adapted to personal preferences.

    Codes of any length can be saved.

    Notes, e.g. memos, can be added to the codes. The notes can be shown and hidden in the toolbar.

    It is possible to quickly switch between the different views in the toolbar. A table view, a cards view and the PAO view are available.

    Comprehensive help system

    The MAC App Mnemo Major System includes a comprehensive MAC-typical help system in the available languages German, English and Italian

    Comprehensive help is integrated for each section of the app.

    The general information on the major system and the app, which is displayed when the app is started for the first time, can also be called up again at any time.

    Mnemo Route Help

    Mnemo Major System for MAC Trainer Light Mode

    Mnemo Major System for Mac

    Mac App for the mnemonic Major System
    All functions at a glance:



    • Multiple training possibilities
    • Question mode for images or numbers
    • Training with major system terms instead of pictures
    • Free selection of the number range to be learned with optional restrictions to specific reaction time ranges, questions answered incorrectly or not yet processed terms
    • Training level indicator


    • Major System Terms and selected images for the numbers 0 – 99 and 00 – 09
    • Major System Terms for the numbers 000 – 999
    • Freely customizable
    • Comprehensive collection of alternative Major System Terms
    • Choice of alternative images - drag and drop from Finder and Photos, copy and paste images from the web.
    • Color codes for response times in the main view of the Major System
    • Optional extension to the three-digit major system (the trainer and the generator automatically use the chosen system: 2 or 3 digits)
    • Build optional major systems (in addition to the German and English Major System three custom major systems can be build)
    • CSV Import and Export
    • Import and export (incl. pictures) in Mnemo file format


    • Major System encoding for any numerical sequence
    • Possibility of adding notes
    • Saves any number of encodings
    • Settings (hide the notes field, hide the pictures, one or multiple terms per line)
    • Supports the Person – Action – Object (PAO) System (uses the optional master systems Custom 1, 2 and 3 alternately)


    • 100 % Look and Feel for MAC
    • newly programmed for MAC
    • Use of typical MAC functionality, drag and drop etc.

      Mnemo Major System for MAC requires macOS Ventura 13 or newer.

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